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8 February 2017, Missouri, United States of America: Webster University and ARDN sign Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in campaigns designed to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Webster University News, 6 February 2017.

2 July 2015, United States of America: ARDN, in its capacity as Secretariat for the Global Alliance of Mayors and Leaders from Africa and of African Descent, support campaign to deliver aid to the people of Accra, Ghana, after floods and explosion. Aaron Morrison, The Miami Herald, 2 July 2015.

1-3 June 2015, Accra, Ghana: At Summit of Mayors, co-organized by United Nations system entity, Global Alliance of Mayors,the City of Accra, and ARDN, mayors commit to the Goal of ending AIDS as an epidemic by 2030. UNAIDS, 5 June 2015

20-21 September 2014, United Nations, New York, United States of America: ARDN organizes the Second Meeting of the Global Alliance of Mayors and Leaders from Africa and of African Descent during the 69th United Nations General Assembly.

24 May 2012, New York, United States of America: Ms. Muriel Glasgow, ARDN Director and Chair of the organization’s Early Childhood Education advisory council receives Ambassador of Peace Award at the 49th Commemoration Gala Reception and Celebration of the Organization ff African Unity.”
Tangerine Clarke, Caribbean Life, 16 May 2012.

15-19 December 2011, Dakar, Senegal: ARDN plays crucial role in facilitating World Summit of Mayors Leadership Conference “to accelerate progress toward the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015, using the response to HIV/AIDS as an entry point.” Rosalind McLymont, The Network Journal, 16 March 2012.

2011, Dakar, Senegal: ARDN’s coordinator is chief organizer of World Summit of Mayors Leadership Conference, which was convened “to build alliances with local leaders from across the planet and exchange a world of ideas and information that they hope will impact communities both on a local, national and international level.” Cheryl Wills, Huffington Post, 20 December 2011.