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Message from the President of NADAM Foundation in India

Today NADAM FOUNDATION has conducted a seminar on Human Rights in a reputed educational institution namely Moyans Girls Higher secondary school, Palakkad District of Kerala State, India.Around 4500 students are studying in that School.Since Christmas holidays are going on,they are conducting National service scheme camp.We have freely distributed the copies of Universal Declaration of human rights to all the students and created an awareness also.The materials are supplied to us by the UNIC. We are really inspired by the great activities of ARDN.We used to follow the activities of ARDN and it’s President Hon’ble Dr.Djibril Dialo.The RED CARD PLEDGE of ARDN is highly relevant today.In India, violence against women and girls are highly increasing day by day.Many laws are enacted for the protection of women .But due to the excessive population rate,the government machineries are unable to control the crimes against women .In this scenario,the RED CARD PLEDGE is highly useful for creating awareness and instilling confidence among women and girls.Today the students were really excited while upholding the REDCARD and took a promise that,they will be supporting the intentions of REDCARD.Eventhogh the act is symbolic,the same has created an amazing reformation in thier minds.We express our sincere gratitude to ARDN and the President Hon’ble Dr.Djibril Dialo for permitting us to spread the REDCARD PLEDGE.

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