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In Africa, Vaccine Delayed is Development Denied, Warns UNDP Head

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 20 2021 (IPS) – The 21-month-long corona virus pandemic has triggered three new phrases in the UN lexicon: “vaccine famine, vaccine apartheid and vaccine nationalism”. And the largest number of victims facing the triple threats are from developing countries, mostly in Africa, as reflected in grim statistics. Dr …

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Working session with AMS

The CEO of ARDN had the pleasure of receiving in his office in Dakar, Abdoul Khadre Ndiaye, mayor Gae, Senegal and executive director of the International Center for Applied Training and Advice and Yaya Mane, adviser to the president of the National Association of Senegalese Mayor and discussed the partnership …

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Involvement of the diaspora private sector

Unleashing Entrepreneurship—Make the Private Sector work the Poor — How can the potential of the private sector and entrepreneurship be unleashed towards accelerating the achievement of the SDGs in Africa and the Diaspora ? And how the Private Sector from the Diaspora be engaged in meeting that challenge ? Two …

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Professor Jeffrey Sachs supports the Red Card campaign

Great news for us! Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University & Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations added his voice to the support for the ARDN Red Card Campaign. Wonderful opportunities for partnership with his Network—The UN Sustainable Développement Solutions Network( SDSN). https://redcardpledge.com/

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