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Involvement of the diaspora private sector

Unleashing Entrepreneurship—Make the Private Sector work the Poor — How can the potential of the private sector and entrepreneurship be unleashed towards accelerating the achievement of the SDGs in Africa and the Diaspora ? And how the Private Sector from the Diaspora be engaged in meeting that challenge ? Two questions which were at the center of a meeting I convened today here in Dakar. In attendance were, Andre Amos, an African-American Business Leader, Mme Asthou Mbaye, from Dangote Group and Isiyaka Sabo, Senior Economist at the United Nations Development Program( UNDP). Mme Mbaye is a member of ARDN’s Board of Director. Both Mme Mbaye and Andre Amos are co-chairs of the ARDN Task Force for Private Sector Development. The meeting is within the framework of #ardn’s initiative to bring together businesses that can fire up the SDGs, through country visits and the development of a set of pilot actions that can be replicated for the widest possible impact. #pathwaytosolutions


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