On Day Six, Leading a Country Through Crisis

BANGUL — The day began with a lengthy working meeting meeting with Daedalus Ceesay, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Mr. Ceesay’s deputies also joined us to discuss youth policy and the #SDGs. We later paid a courtesy call on Henry Gomez, Minister of Youth and Sport. The highlight of the day was our next stop: a meeting with Vice President Fatoumata Tambajan. The Vice President, who also serves as Minister of Women’s Affairs, briefed the delegation on the social, economic and political crisis that she and President Adama Barrow inherited. (For more on the circumstances surrounding the Gambian elections 18 months ago, see this article by delegation member John Yearwood.) Ms. Tambajan said the administration has been busy addressing the challenges confronting Gambia. But she acknowledged that there’s a tremendous amount of anxiety. She said they’re committed to meeting the needs of the population, ranging from job creation to food security. Before concluding the Gambia visit, the delegation was treated to a delicious lunch of local delicacies prepared by the country’s top event planner.

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